Walker & Royce Offer Self Help With Their Debut Album

Walker & Royce Offer Self Help With Their Debut Album

Walker & Royce Offer Self Help With Their Debut Album


Cancel my appointments I’m taking a personal day for some Self Help with Walker & Royce.



Dirtybird’s dynamic duo just released their debut album, Self Help and just as the name implies, it’s an introspective journey of signature Walker & Royce gold. What does this mean? It means you could be laying back in the comfort of your room with the lights dimmed low and the speakers at a mellow seven out of ten from beginning to end. It also means that Gavin Royce and Samuel Walker made no sacrifice to the tracks in their suitability for cranking bass lines and organ riffs at the club. Whether you’re on the way to church grooving to the melodic opening track, “Sunday,” or gearing up for a night of dancing with “Rub Anotha Dub,” Walker & Royce will help you get there.



As much as Walker & Royce’s sound defines the album, vocal stylings of featured artists truly inspire the emotional output brought by the entire production. Collaborating with artists like OnCue for the mellow, hip-hop inspired track “Role Models,” and treading into the same street driven roots with Sophie Grophy on “My Own Thing.” Dances With White Girls – longtime friend of Walker & Royce – brings the funky, party-starting vocals into “Take Me To Your Leader,” and the final bit of Self Help is exhaled under the control of Forrest on “Need Ya.”


Throw on some headphones. Go for a drive. Find a show near you. Take your pick. Just give Self Help a proper listen.

Walker & Royce On Self Help Tour Now


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