[ELECTRO] Feed Me – “Little Cat Steps”

[ELECTRO] Feed Me – “Little Cat Steps”

[ELECTRO] Feed Me – “Little Cat Steps”


I always get a little excited when I hear one of my favorite artists puts out a new track. And Feed Me‘s new original track is just what I needed for the upcoming weekend. A fantastic electro track that starts a bit slower only to build up with some slamming electro beats. Although I try my best to give a short description of what the song sounds like, I think their YouTube description gives a good explanation of the track for all you technical music geeks out there:

“Emerging from the ether on a bed of warm piano chords and drifting arpeggios the track spirals slowly upwards, picking up a wave of distorted low end frequencies on its trajectory as Feed Me crafts a deep, evocative intro. As the winding synths dissipate back into thin air, he picks his moment to unleash the monster within, firing off a driving 4×4 beat and grinding bass lick while looping synths upwards to keep the energy at fever pitch. Taking things back down, Feed Me takes a u-turn in the latter part of the track as he dives into an epic collision of crashing half-time drums and soaring synths that provide a stunning ending to his latest concoction.”

As an added bonus, Feed Me just released this little cover via his SoundCloud account. This is so completely different than the raging electro above, you might think it’s not the same artist. Just go with it and enjoy Feed Me’s softer, more acoustic side with his cover of Fink‘s “This Is The Thing.” Using an old, buzzy guitar he found in his attic, it’s great to hear the mellow vocals behind the electro producer. Check it out below.

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