Jay Bird & Korynn OC Collab On Massive Future Bass Single

Jay Bird & Korynn OC Collab On Massive Future Bass Single

Jay Bird & Korynn OC Collab On Massive Future Bass Single


It sounds cliche, but sometimes the only way to hold on is to let go.

In the pair’s first collab, Jay Bird & Korynn OC find out “Letting Go” can be a struggle.

Like the cat perpetually hanging on to the same tree branch, if we never pry free we’ll be stuck never knowing the ground is right beneath our feet.

And if you do realize there is some ground to move on, who wants to carry a tree with them, always grasping at the same bullshit branches.

Like Jay Bird and Korynn OC‘s first collab “Letting Go”, it’s about verbing as the name implies. Transforming from the self-captive to the self-liberated.

Complimenting Jay Bird’s dark instrumental, yet melodic under-pinnings are the haunting, vengeful vocals of Korynn. The darkness only pervades until the final declarative, however, building the future bass single to a climatic moment of release where our heroin takes her stand and removes her hold on the branch.

Is it time for you to do the same?

Stream Jay Bird – “Letting Go” ft. Karynn OC below:

The new Future Bass single, “Letting Go” marks a first time collaboration between Jay Bird and Korynn OC. The collaboration between the two artists was a natural fit after they both took part in a multi-city, California tour this summer hosted by the bay Area collective, The Veyebe.

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