Going “On The Hunt” With NEO NOIR & Krigare Feels Sexy AF

Going “On The Hunt” With NEO NOIR & Krigare Feels Sexy AF

Going “On The Hunt” With NEO NOIR & Krigare Feels Sexy AF


Hunt for survival. Hunt for love. What are you sharpening spears for?

NEO NOIR & Krigare add a future bass seduction to the skilled hunters’ weapon belt.

What are you hunting for in life?

Don’t mistake the hunt I’m referring to as any sort of masculine search for a bed mate. This isn’t a shallow night out on the prowl, you horny fuck.

I’m speaking about the reason you wake up. The reason you get out of bed every morning – that insatiable desire to move forward, overcoming any challenge for the prize kill.

Maybe it’s for success, money, and fame. Perhaps for a loved one or a son or daughter. Or maybe you just have the drive to gear up every day and go out with the warpaint on.

In any case, form is as important as function when it comes to the hunt. Without a doubt, skill and saavy are equal to style and poise. Strength and beauty – masuline, feminine.

NEO NOIR and Krigare incorporate it all in their second single “On The Hunt”, a sultry embodiment of the beautiful warrior in sonic form.

Stream NEO NOIR X Krigare – “On The Hunt” below:

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