NEO NOIR’s “Made For You” Spans Time & Space For Love

NEO NOIR’s “Made For You” Spans Time & Space For Love

NEO NOIR’s “Made For You” Spans Time & Space For Love


I recognize you, we’ve been here before.

A different lifetime, a different universe, yet this love knows no bounds.

Floating through the void, stabbing synths sparkle like far away stars, I was lost until I felt your pull. Like the tug of an unseen black hole, you blindsided me with the force of your gravitas.

Blending the universes of bass and indie pop, NEO NOIR manipulates time and space with the all powerful sound of love.

With help from songstress Brooke Williams spinning a tale spanning lifetimes, “Made For You” purveys the power of soul mates, beings bound for each other through one cosmic force.

Stream NEO NOIR – “Made For You” ft. Brooke Williams below:

NEO NOIR is an LA based Future Music collective based around producers Bradley Allan and Greg Ogan. “Made For You” is their first release of 2018 with frequent collaborator Brook Willams. Stay tuned for more from this duo coming later this year.

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