[ELECTRONIC] Bon Iver – “Perth” (Louis The Child Remix)

[ELECTRONIC] Bon Iver – “Perth” (Louis The Child Remix)

[ELECTRONIC] Bon Iver – “Perth” (Louis The Child Remix)


[ELECTRONIC] Bon Iver - "Perth" (Louis The Child Remix)

Seeing as we are a Chicago based blog, I only found it fitting that I shed some light on the local scene. Louis The Child is a blossoming EDM duo fresh out of the Chicago suburbs. Their style is wildly unique and equally captivating! It only takes a matter of seconds to become completely immersed in their incredibly uplifting productions.

Today we’re bringing you LTC’s most recent work of art – a radiant electro house remix of Bon Iver‘s “Perth”. This song sparkles from top to bottom and leaves me feeling like there are bass fairies tip-toeing across my eardrums ever so gently. The comforting chord progressions lay the framework for the funky melodies that don’t hesitate to take center stage. This song is out of this world! If you hear shades of Kill Paris, it’s not just you, I can’t help but draw the comparison. So be sure to head on over to Louis The Child’s Facebook page for the free download and show these local products some well-deserved support.



Written by: Barrett Nelson

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