[END OF YEAR] Our Best Photos Of 2016

[END OF YEAR] Our Best Photos Of 2016

[END OF YEAR] Our Best Photos Of 2016


Every year, our photographers snap, click, and record hundreds of gigs of photos and video at concerts and festivals across the globe. After all, what would The Sights And Sounds be without a good helping of the Sights? As music festivals and live events continue to evolve and shift toward a more dynamic and experiential landscape, music isn’t the only thing attendees have to look forward to anymore. Art, food, installations & activations, costumes, yoga, and more have spread and caught on like wild fire across the festival scene and with it comes all the opportunity in the world to begin to expand what “festival” photography can look like. Here we have curated some of the best shots from The Sights And Sounds team from 2016 (literally up until the ball dropped for 2017). There are artists and performers, audience members and bystanders, and plenty of the in between. Spanning Burning Man to VOLT Festival in Hungary, 2016 has been a magical year for photography, and we can’t wait to capture 2017 in all it’s glory.

We start our curated journey with a photo memorial to Pumpkin, aka Nick Alvarado, an unbelievably talented and loved performer who passed away shortly after one of his final sets at Serenity Gathering with Random Rab, pictured here. You will be missed.

12901277_1116284818393678_6551641335955744619_oPhoto by: Christopher Pitcher – Pumpkin & Random Rab, Serenity Gathering, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-7Photo by: Kris Kish – VOLT Festival, Hungary

burningman2016_thesightsandsounds_withlogo-19Photo by: Kris Kish – Burning Man, NV

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-3Photo by: Kris Kish – Lightning In A Bottle, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-1Photo by: Kris Kish – Serenity Gathering, CA

burningman2016_thesightsandsounds_withlogo-15Photo by: Seth Bunting – Burning Man, NV

burningman2016_thesightsandsounds_withlogo-35Photo by: Kris Kish – Burning Man, NV

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-9Photo by: Kris Kish – Axwell /\ Ingrosso, VOLT Festival, Hungary

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-11Photo by: Kris Kish – Woogie Weekend, CA

griz_muzzybear_goodwillprevailtour_kylecummins_thesightsandsounds-1Photo by: Kyle Cummins – GRiZ, Good Will Prevail Tour

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-87Photo by: Lexy Galvis – Flume, Snowglobe Music Festival, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-8Photo by: Kris Kish – Skillet, VOLT Festival, Hungary

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-10Photo by: Kris Kish – Woogie Weekend, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-6Photo by: Kris Kish – Lee Burridge, Lightning In A Bottle, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-5Photo by: Kris Kish – Lightning In A Bottle, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-2Photo by: Christopher Pitcher – Further Future, NV

burningman2016_thesightsandsounds_withlogo-32Photo by: Christopher Pitcher – Burning Man, NV

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-4Photo by: Kris Kish – Lightning In A Bottle, CA

12901192_1116284458393714_5763465622180270761_oPhoto by: Christopher Pitcher – Schpongle, Serenity Gathering, CA

best-of-2016-_-the-sights-and-sounds-182Photo by: Lexy Galvis – ODESZA, Snowglobe Music Festival, CA


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