Finding Your Friends At The Festival Just Got Easier

Finding Your Friends At The Festival Just Got Easier

Finding Your Friends At The Festival Just Got Easier




How do you find your friends at festivals?


Here’s a better question. How hard is it to spot your people at a festival? The magnitude of events isn’t getting any smaller, which means it is especially challenging to locate your crew with massive crowds and minimal cell phone service. With events such as Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man approaching, where cell service will be non-existent, this poses a concern for some sequin soldiers and fuzzy fanatics. How am I going to find anyone in this crowd?! I’m not going to tell you we found a solution, but we got something damn close to it. It’s a smart band + app called Festiie. But before I tell you what they are all about, let’s review some of the now archaic methods that have led us back to safety up until recently.



These crafty contraptions fart glitter and beam sunshine in the middle of the night to serve as a beacon for lost souls seeking refuge. They often contain inside jokes, memes, quotes, symbols, and are almost certainly made with loads of PLUR. Totems are a great way to spot your group because they are hoisted high and stand out like a sore thumb…among a crowd of several other sore thumbs though.


Meet-up Spots

Bro, meet me at mainstage near the front speaker but kinda to the left of the sound booth when Tiesto is on! I’ll be under the SpongeBob totem! Your ‘bro’ is a lost cause. Not because of his poor directions or horrid idea of a meet-up spot, but because we are forgetful. It’s Murphy’s Law people…anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The SpongeBob totem is going to drift and someone hates trance so the group will leave mainstage. You get the point.


Cell Phones, duh!

Should we just go to the next one? We’ve already said it. NO SERVICE! Although I will add this little helpful tip. Time stamp your texts so that when (more like if) they go through, you know if you should meet now or 45-minutes ago.


Message Boards

Ask your grandparents how this works. Something about writing longhand and doing things manually instead of digitally? I don’t know. Sounds like trouble. Someone is bound to tell Sara that Jake is looking for her and disregard the need to use last names or anything to separate the millions of others with the same name. Good luck. Best just to not let go of your friends.


Now that I’ve had my fun framing these all as poor options, want to know how this Festiie app + band is going to change the game?


I’d have to say the most impressive feature would have to be that it works in airplane mode. Right? No service required! The coolest aspect is that you can shoot an actual beacon out for help. Using the Find Me function, allows one member of the group to notify the others that they want to be found. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this opens up some doors for next level hide and seek!



The smart band also works independent of a phone, however it does require initial setup with the app. Spanning a 1-mile, non-line of site range, this widget is made for festivals. Really the only upset at this stage is that it isn’t expected to be released until early 2018 and is still being tested. Prepare yourselves for some exciting updates from these guys and gals over at Festiie because the beta versions have shown great success. Their first run of testing was at EDC Las Vegas this past summer. Check their FaceBook for videos and more ways to stay up to date on the progress!


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