Fox Stevenson’s New EP Is Anything But Calm

Fox Stevenson’s New EP Is Anything But Calm

Fox Stevenson’s New EP Is Anything But Calm


“Keep calm, what’s that supposed to mean?”

It’s the perfect summation of Fox Stevenson‘s 11th EP, Take You Down/Melange, released on March 12th on Liquicity.

Playing the game since 2013, Fox Stevenson isn’t letting anybody down with his pure dance, booty shaking drum and bass. You might know Stevenson from for his 2014 track “Sweets (Soda Pop)” hitting over 11 million Spotify streams, as well as the Curbi collaboration “Hoo Hah” getting over 6 million Spotify streams.

Doing his own vocals from the start, he has nothing less to say this time around. The project takes your ears on a space-like adventure and tops it off with powerful lyrics portrayed by own voice.

With only two tracks on the new EP, Fox Stevenson brings you on a far out journey much different from his last EP, For Fox Sake. Taking you down to a sweet happy spot in the world of electronic dance music, with his own free flowing style.

Stream Fox Stevenson – Take You Down/Melange below:

Get moving to “Melange” with its classic 180 beats per minute drum and bass style with a lovely touch of the past with a noticeable rock influence that keeps you on your toes. The depth of the beat and intricate timing adjustments won’t be missed by true fans of the art.

“Take You Down” emerges you into a pop-style tune with thoughtful lyrics to top it all off. The lyrics paint a picture of Stevenson’s struggle to keep his mind above his doubts and the importance of keeping a chip on your shoulder to push the creative process. Take You Down/ Melange brings it back to the early years of electronic dance music. So don’t stay calm, and get your groove on.

Purchase Fox Stevenson – Take You Down/Melange via iTunes or Amazon below:


Written by: Cheyanne Malecek


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