How To Festival like a Pro + Must Have Gear Guide

How To Festival like a Pro + Must Have Gear Guide

How To Festival like a Pro + Must Have Gear Guide


Pro Tips on How To Festival

Music festivals are expensive, a tad daunting, and downright chaos if you’ve never been to one.

Or maybe you’ve been to a fest but last time you came home with pink-eye after riding the EMT’s chariot of shame because your boyfriend broke up with you for starting shit.

Either way I’ve seen so many people ruin their time and their friend’s experience during a festival that I’m compelled to spread some of knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.

Festivaling: (not a word) – also known as going to/participating in a festival – can mean many things.

You might be going to an art fest, possibly a music fest, or a transformational festival.

Maybe you are going for a couple hours, possibly a day, or even a week or more.

However you choose to do it, this How To Festival guide can help you with the bare bones of what it takes to enjoy yourself at a festival. And once you’re through our Pro Tips, make sure to stock up for your next fest with our Pro Gear Guide below.


how to festival

First things first, the most important thing you need to enjoy yourself at a festival is a good attitude.

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t even think about this one. I’ve seen it too many times: some girl or dude is making a stink about something that happened before the fest and they are either starting drama or continuing drama.

Festivals are meant to be happy places where people can step away from the issues, drama, and responsibilities they deal with every day. You probably paid a lot of money for this ticket. Give yourself a break! Have fun! Let your friends have fun! And deal with the drama when you get home.

PRO TIP: If something happens that triggers you, take a second and then say: “Let’s put a bookmark in that. We can talk about it when we get home. But for now, let’s have a great time!!”

Self Reliance

what the festival

Some of this drama might be totally avoided if you step up your game and start being self-reliant. Nobody really likes to babysit their wasted friend. And very few people enjoy a mooch. If you might want something at a festival bring it, put it in a bag, and fest like a pro.

PRO TIP: Bring enough to share and you’ll be a star.

PRO TIP: It’s usually a good idea to carry your own, but if you have a big bag and want to share space you could be an angel and carry your crew’s stuff.

Self Expression

electric forest playlist

Many festivals are unique because they encourage people to be able to express themselves openly. You’ve probably seen those people in a baddass costume, a bunch of plastic beads, more chest than normal, or enough glitter to make a fairy concerned. These people are either expressing themselves as they wish or exploring what they are comfortable with. Let these people have their fun! 

Nobody wants you to poop on their parade and nobody else wants to hear about it, so let people be who they want to be and come to your fest with an open mind

However, if something is really bothering you, walk away. If someone else is keeping you from expressing yourself fully tell them to fuck off. Self expression IS NOT forcing one’s self expression on to other people.

PRO TIP: Focus on other people’s self expression that resonates with you. Ask yourself why it resonates and play around with the idea of how you might do it better… then do it next time.


Ultra Resistance

Fear of missing out or FOMO is a real thing.

It’s when you can’t focus on having a good time now because you could be doing something better. This is experienced more often at a multi-day festival than a single day festival. The trick to this one is to enjoy what is in front of you.

Maybe two of your favorite bands are playing at the same time and you have to choose one. Choose and enjoy your choice. If you sit and worry about whether or not you made the right choice you aren’t going to enjoy either.

PRO TIP: Sleep is over-rated until you just can’t anymore.

Party Favors

EDM and transformational festivals have an interesting reputation regarding drugs. It’s assumed that everyone there is on them. From my experience: this is totally not true.

Don’t get me wrong, I always see that one wasted dude or girl who’s done a little more than they probably should have. My advice to this person: Chill. Give it time. It will get easier.. There’s no need to waste the EMT’s time freaking out over whatever might be happening. If you are coherent drink some water and chill.

With that said, if someone is having a legitimate medical emergency, CALL THE EMT. Don’t second guess because of perceived consequences. It’s better your friend is alive than having to talk to the cops.

PRO TIP: Letting people know you are on a certain drug is obnoxious. Don’t talk openly about drugs at events with people you don’t know. It’s generally a bad idea.

Keep it Clean

Festivals are getting better and better because of the art, experiences, and beautiful stages that people have set up for you to enjoy. Don’t ruin the experience for others by leaving your garbage everywhere. Clean up after yourself and your crew. It’s the right thing to do.

PRO TIP: Cleaning up other people’s trash will get you respect and sometimes festivals give away prizes to people who are seen cleaning up.


how to festival poops

Put your poo IN the toilet! What the F is wrong with people???

You know who you are.  Why did you poop on the wall??  Shame on you.  If you must hover (totally worthless in a clean porta-potty IMO) try the stance above instead

PRO TIP: Don’t fall in the hole. Trust me on this one. If you drop something inside, leave it for the poo gods.

If you follow all the guidelines in this How To Festival Guide, you and those around you are bound to have a fantastic festival experience. Remember, Attitude is 90% of having a great time.

How To Festival: Gear Guide

The rest of this guide is a list of things you might want to bring to make your experience a little more comfortable.

Things like:

    • MUST HAVE! Water Bladder & Sling
      (I prefer a small bladder myself, or you can haul the camel-pack around). If you forget, buy a water on site, but keep the cap. The most important thing is to stay hydrated!


    • Costumes
      Bring at least one thing that explores your boundaries.


    • Day Pack, Fanny Pack, or holster
      Keep your shit on you all adventure long! We prefer ones that also make noise 🙂


    • A small flashlight, or better yet, a headlamp
      Equipped with a red light setting to keep those eyes adjusted to the dark (it gets dark in those porta-potty’s at night.


    • Snacks
      Always nice to have for late night munchies.


    • Condoms
      You could draw smiley faces on them and pretend they are finger-puppet ghosts 😉 Don’t be silly put ’em on your willy.


    • Energy Chews
      For those long haul nights.


    • Earplugs
      When all you can feel is the bass in the back of your throat or foam ones when you are sleeping.


    • Bandannas
      Dust mask, fashion accessory, blindfold, washcloth, tissue, tiny flag… this item is super useful in so many ways. We recommend the shamags for all types of camping.


    • Toilet paper & Wet-wipes
      Your hoo-ha/poo-ha will thank you!


And for those of us who are going to be staying overnight, you might want to consider:

    • A Decent Tent
      Minimum requirements: Keeps water out, decently wind resistant, assembles somewhat easily.


  • A Sleeping Bag
    Check the temperature on fest site and match your bag temp rating with it.



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