[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Tom Swoon On Coming “Alive”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Tom Swoon On Coming “Alive”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Tom Swoon On Coming “Alive”



Tom Swoon is a hugely exciting force within dance music at the moment. With his latest single “Alive” (made alongside Ale Q and Sonny Noto) doing the rounds via Ultra Music, we grabbed a few words from the Polish producer about it. 

“Alive” is your  brilliant new single- how are you feeling about it?

I’m always excited about every release, and it wasn’t different this time! Whether it’s seeing lots of DJs supporting “Alive” or watching it climbing the Beatport Charts, it always makes me really happy and gives me a great dose of motivation!

The track features Ale Q & Sonny Noto – how did you guys end up collaborating?

I met Ale when I played at Empire Music Festival in Guatemala over a year ago! Although, the idea of doing “Alive” together with Sonny was very recent, and it worked out great.

You guys are all from different countries – how did you manage get it finished considering the distance between you? Was it a challenge?

Even though we worked on the project online by sending the stems back ‘n’ forth, the whole process was so smooth it felt like we’re sitting in one room! I think each one of us is being driven by different sets of things when it comes to making music. For me, it’s the energy and love, which I’ve always been bringing along to studio when coming back from tour.


Progressive house seems to be constantly growing as a scene, what do you think this year has been like for it?

I feel the wind of change! Not so long ago, I got the impression that there were a few too many similar tracks coming out – something like “Epic Mashleg”, but in the “Melodic Edition”… I’m already working on developing my sound in the studio – with all the other great artists on the scene, I’m really excited to see where it goes!

How is dance music received in Poland and other parts of eastern Europe?

In my opinion, the dance scene in Poland is becoming bigger and better! I really feel like a part of family, which is constantly growing and supporting each other a lot. 

What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Matisse & Sadko – “Lock ‘N’ Load”

DallasK – “Kaya”

Vigel – “Tengu”

Amy Winehouse – “Stronger Than Me” (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

Pelari – “Voices”

Grab “Alive” here.


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