The Knocks Have Found Their “Ride Or Die” With Foster The People

The Knocks Have Found Their “Ride Or Die” With Foster The People

The Knocks Have Found Their “Ride Or Die” With Foster The People


Babe, we don’t ever have to stop.

I know we’re getting older, but we can do this every night.

“Who needs a house when I’ve got all these friends?”

No mortgage, no responsibilities. Maybe I’ll grow up one day. What’s my age again?

The euphoric sense of nostalgia – pining for younger days of youth through music. I’d rather live those younger days every day, thank you very much. I’ll leave the nostalgia to those with licenses and health insurance.

“Don’t need a license if you’ve got no drive.”

Life is good and while my friends are all getting married and getting 401K’s, I’d rather do what I’m doing every day. Of course, I need my PIC (that’s Partner In Crime) and you don’t exactly need to grow up, either. Join me, will you be my Ride Or Die?

Stream The Knocks – “Ride Or Die” Ft. Foster The People below:

Living in the moment was never encapsulated better than through the effortless never-ending summer sounds of The Knocks and Foster The People.

It’s summer in a soundtrack, effortlessly capturing the endless shores of youth with Foster The People’s knock out hooks and touch of indie pop nostalgia, a la 2011. With it’s fresh production and lush melodies, you can bet “Ride Or Die” will be the anthem on the radios in summer 2018.

Purchase “Ride Or Die” via Amazon or iTunes below:


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