Nora En Pure Charts New Ground With ‘Trailblazer’

Nora En Pure Charts New Ground With ‘Trailblazer’

Nora En Pure Charts New Ground With ‘Trailblazer’


When the path is paved Nora En Pure treks off into unbound territory instead. Her new single ‘Trailblazer’ welcomes a stunning journey of deep exploration and discovery.

Celebrating Enormous Tunes’ 400th release, Trailblazer displays Nora’s persistent drive to produce emotional, deep house music. While some people burn out by the end of each year, Nora En Pure will not slow down. Having toured the globe relentlessly over the course of 2017, she has built a catalogue of massive shows to look back on. And an exciting 2018 to look forward to with festival appearances and new releases as such!



Your tour guide for this track is none other than Nora En Pure: a veteran voyager of mysterious bass and profound melodies. Should you get lost in your travels (and you most certainly will), simply close your eyes and follow the hypnotizing piano chords that lead back to fluttering rhythmic synths.

Trailblazer is an ethereal creation that hones the signature Nora sound while engaging listeners in a sonic crossroads between security and menace.

It feels like I’m running away from something in the calmest way possible. I’ve drifted off the trail with confidence and composure. My nerves are rising, but I’m far from afraid. You won’t find me near the boring paved road anymore; I’m off trailblazing with Nora En Pure.



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