Is Yeezy Season Approaching? All Rumors Point To Yes

Is Yeezy Season Approaching? All Rumors Point To Yes

Is Yeezy Season Approaching? All Rumors Point To Yes


Ok. I’m gonna keep this as brief as possible so I don’t overstimulate myself. 

Kanye has been popping up on features all year and rumors have been circulating for months now that he’s working on something big.

It was a rough start to the year for Kanye.

A brief hospitalization and a controversy involving a certain orange “leader” had many people questioning his mental state for seemingly the 20th time.

The last time Ye made an album under this intense of scrutiny he dropped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (which coincidentally turned 7 this year), arguably the greatest hip-hop record of all time.

The parallels with his magnum opus don’t end there. 

Kanye isolated himself and his collaborators in Hawaii for the extent of MBDTF‘s production. As early as May, Ye was reported to be “hermiting” himself in a mountaintop cabin in the Wyoming Rockies while working on a new project.

The most exciting revelation for me came from a recent interview with RZA. The RZA has been collaborating with Kanye on the new project and revealed that he’s currently set up with two old-school sampling machines. 

Irv Gotti, one of the biggest hip-hop and R&B producers from the 90’s and early 2000’s, is also collaborating with Yeezy. He was just quoted by Pigeons and Planes saying that “hip-hop is about to get something massive.”

All the signs point to a throwback project from Ye and I have to keep my fingers crossed.

I miss the old Kanye.


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