Papadosio’s Return To Red Rocks With Alex-Allyson Grey & More!

Papadosio’s Return To Red Rocks With Alex-Allyson Grey & More!

Papadosio’s Return To Red Rocks With Alex-Allyson Grey & More!


Last month, thousands of beautiful beings had all come together under the stars at one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in existence, Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

With support from renowned artists Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, and with hypnagogic motion visuals by Jonathan Singer, this divine evening had also included multiple prodigious live painters and musicians

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Supersillyus, a multi-instrumentalist/electronic music producer based out of Denver Colorado started out this heart warming evening, bringing smiles to the crowd, and movement in our feet.

After watching his set and never personally seeing this artist or having knowledge of his name, his energy on stage and unique sense of music production style had blown not just my mind and had my complete attention, but had also grasped the attention from the entire crowd.

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Desert Dwellers, whom consist of two beautiful individuals who began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California.

Their set here at Red Rocks endured many spiritual moments and had involved other guests join their set including flow artist Anthony Flowers Ward, and vocalist Meagan Chandler.

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Eliot Lipp, a solo veteran musician/artist and sound designer who resides in between Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York however equally lives on the road.

The time of his set on this evening was superb being that the crowd had grown twice its size, the combination of the rhythmical beats and the transition between the sun set/evening sky, and the energy that was felt between everyone around us.

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 SunSquabi, consists of three Colorado natives who provide nothing but sublime Electronic Hydro Funk had both begun and had ended their set with a bang!

For a collective who “continues to break down and analyze the expectations of what a “Live-Electronic” band should be” and whom are “dedicated to their ever-evolving craft in the studio and on the live stage”, I myself along with other fans can say they are going far, and I do look forward to seeing what more they have in store for us in the future!

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an-ten-nae, talented acid crunk artist from San Francisco California. What makes this particular artist worth seeing and what draws his audiences are through two things.

His unique production of his synths that an-ten-nae incorporates into his music are out of this world, and highly unique but in an enjoyable, pleasurable way. Along with that, this artist has his own unique setup that no other artist particularly uses.

 Papadosio, the headliner and of course being the highlight of the night, is not a group in which their genre could be lightly defined.

A group that is not just considered only a genre, but considered a state of mind. Noticing the crowd singing along to every song that had been played. Observing tears of joy in others eyes. It is unquestionably a given that these group of beautiful artists touch fans in a spiritual, loving way. Among the love and energy you feel with the crowd, the involvement with this band and their crowd is heart warming, and phenomenal to witness first glance.

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All Photos By: Kayla Mitchell


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