[PREMIERE] Feel The Gravity of Planewalker’s New Single “Eclipse”

[PREMIERE] Feel The Gravity of Planewalker’s New Single “Eclipse”

[PREMIERE] Feel The Gravity of Planewalker’s New Single “Eclipse”


Planewalker’s new single “Eclipse” summons proper psy-bass with sacred chanting and wide-range tempos on his forthcoming EP Planes of Consciousness.


Set for release on December 5th, 2017 under the Street Ritual label, Planewalker’s EP beckons the angelic voice of Ixchel Prisma and world-renowned violinist Govinda. With “Eclipse,” they bring forth a ritualistic hymn that calls upon a range of beats, from slow dub to danceable chakra dropping glitch-hop. The track may remind you of a Shpongle-esque production: waxing with psychedelic bass synths and waning with cosmic violin plucks. It’s tribal drum rhythms are patient, it’s vocal breaks are delicately climactic, and a primordial suspense builds throughout.



The human behind Planewalker is Brennan Murphey and he has one interest in mind as stated on his Facebook page.

“Making and experiencing things that blow minds.”



Although blowing minds is hardly an easy task, I think Murphey has planted the bomb. As for his experience in mind blowing, the effort put forth into this production is booming with heart. And since we only have a mere glimpse of what is to come, mind the burning wick. While Planes of Consciousness on the brim of detonation, we have much to look forward from Planewalker.

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