[QUICK MIX – DEEP HOUSE] Joe Hertz – Deep House London Mix #047

[QUICK MIX – DEEP HOUSE] Joe Hertz – Deep House London Mix #047

[QUICK MIX – DEEP HOUSE] Joe Hertz – Deep House London Mix #047



As we spin onwards toward the next trend, one thing remains strongly apparent in many facets of the world at the moment, and that thing is class. I see it in Instagram posts, street art, underground hip-hop and electronic music, food trucks, record stores, start-ups, etc. I’m talking about class like the way your great grandfather talked about it, like it was more valuable than anything else. I believe in class and beyond that I practice it on the regular. I’d like to try to instill class in the future generations of this earth. The reason is plain and simple, for those who have class, have both the ability to empathize and the drive to change circumstances for others before themselves. It’s more than just holding a door open, it’s about carrying yourself in a way that creates magnetic connections to those around you and infects people with goodness.

I’ve been repeating this quote from Jim Carrey in my head a lot lately and it goes:

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”

Essentially, class teaches class and instills a vision of you that people want to remember. Throw creativity into the mix and not only is it your right to share your art with the world, but it’s your duty to remain grounded in the process. I can think of no better example of this than with emerging artist and groove master Joe Hertz.

Stylish and sophisticated moods are uncovered throughout the most recent mix from the London-based DJ/Producer Joe Hertz. He brings an insatiable energy and a certain type of class to his transitions, while consistently managing to create a fluidity across this magnificent hour-long mix. The contagious set can sit perfectly in the background as the soundtrack to your nightlife scene, wherever that may be, from lounges to after hours house parties or long drives at dusk, Hertz is there to provide you with what your soul is craving, whether you knew it or not. Stream the mix below and enjoy the adventures that await you! Just be sure that wherever this mix takes you, it is with the utmost of class. (Tracklist is below the mix!)


Put your hands where I can see (Jonah Christian remix) – Busta Rhymes
Things Gunna Be OK – Caius
After (moods remix) – Bain
Summer road – Henry Wu
Hot Coffee – lk
The Clown (Axel Boman remix) – Maribou State
Real Command – hvl
Tears – Joe Hertz
Soulfiction – Nuage
Ashes (Laurence Guy remix) – Joe Hertz
Roller Coaster – andhim
Take Me Higher – Zaide Kiggundu
Haute – Bodhi
Where We From – Gravez
Life Changes (Damiano von Erkert mix) – Retrogott
Fm Jam (Andres remix) – Youandewan
Colt – Dense & Pika
New 4 u – Andres


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