[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel – “Ignition/Do You” [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel – “Ignition/Do You” [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel – “Ignition/Do You” [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)


[SUMMERTIME HOUSE] R Kelly & Miguel - "Ignition/Do You" [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

There is hardly anything more desirable in the depths of a Chicago winter than the feeling of sunshine and summer. Seriously, we need a dose of fucking Vitamin D over here. As days turn into weeks without the warming, radiant sun to brighten the day it’s easy to turn into a depressed piece of shit, lacking even the most basic of motivations to get off the couch and do something, anything productive. Thankfully, Chicago natives Win & Woo have all the vitamin D and sunshine power packed into one 4.5 minute pill: easy to swallow and begins working instantly. The duo’s remix of Phoebe Ryan‘s cover of “Ignition/Do You” takes me straight back in time – oddly enough with a beach always in the landscape – as R. Kelly and Miguel are transformed from a high school anthem to a bouncy, epitomization of summer.

“The original cover of these two songs by Phoebe Ryan is pure baby makin music, so we decided to add the beach into that equation and make it into that moonlight beach scene from a Freddy Prinze junior movie where he is doin it for the first time with what he thinks is some slam piece who ends up being terminally ill and he turns from bad boy into caring boyfriend material. CUT AND SCENE*. One Luv guys” – Win & Woo

Make sure you grab your free download of Win & Woo’s remix here and head over to Hype Machine and give them a <3.  

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