[SYNTHPOP] Active Child- Subtle (ft. Mikky Ekko) [Liar Remix]

[SYNTHPOP] Active Child- Subtle (ft. Mikky Ekko) [Liar Remix]

[SYNTHPOP] Active Child- Subtle (ft. Mikky Ekko) [Liar Remix]



Finally. I’ve been waiting for the remixes to start rolling out on Active Child’s Rapor EP; and thank god its a good one or I might have written the Rapor EP affair off entirely. Rapor has been anything but rapturous. Someone really needed to take Active Child back into the studio and say, ‘Really, wtf, mate? Rethink some of this shit.” And that’s coming from a massive fan of his first album and one who counts two of his remixes in his favorite songs ever. But Rapor doesn’t have any bite: it’s all moody, maudlin moments choking on their own sweet vomit.

However, in each song’s bones, there is a great track’s skeleton buried somewhere–I mean, it is Active Child after all, even at his weakest the core idea of something excellent is present. And the Liar remix of “Subtle” does that. It instills the bones of the track with that needed oomph, making it a ditty with some darkness and a damn fine beat.  Liar utilizes rapid fire, arppegiated synths to build some rich, delicious tension that bubble back and forth to the surface in moments of great emotional peril within the lyrics, almost like the suffering gets so intense drowning oneself in a river of synths is the only way to survive it.  The rest of the track has that sweet swagger that gives the track some wonderful momentum.

Thanks, Liar, for reinvigorating my faith in this Active Child era.


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