[ELECTRO POP] For Esme – Just Yet

[ELECTRO POP] For Esme – Just Yet

[ELECTRO POP] For Esme – Just Yet



It’s not pretty a damsel in distress, don’t let me, romanticize the mess.

Detached says the rustling of the voice behind me as I struggle with last nights inventory, it’s not the first time I hear that accusation. I feel the burning of his eyes on the curve beneath my back begging me to stay, there’s nothing left for me here. As soon as my body stained of yet another distraction makes it through the door frame I’m thinking of you. How could I stay with him when you keep the only part of me that matters locked up and fucked up.

Nothing fills me more than the tone I’ve preassigned to your call, for the discounted price of ten cents a minute I am always a car ride away. Now it’s me staring at your back, my tongue has laid a map of the trail your freckles lay between your shoulder and your neck. Here I am, attached. And there you are, wondering when I will go.

Pitty is not a party, pitty is no place to place your bets.

For Esmé‘s Just Yet burns slowly through my anxiety, resonating past the shame with powerful vocals and taking me back to the moment you let me walk away with each deliberate beat. I thought I’d found a way, but now everything is in the way.

Make sure you follow For Esmé into what promises to be one of this year’s wine anthems in my room with their upcoming EP release Sugar @ Soundcloud 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59s1iR-d7Mk]

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