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[ELECTRONIC] Manic Focus Drops Funky Remix Ahead Of Chicago Performance

Manic Focus is to electronic music what Steph Curry is to the NBA. A breath a fresh air. An entirely new perspective. Somebody who’s approach is so drastically different that you can’t help but immediately take notice. Still soaring high after his recent appearance on GRiZ’s second installment of All Good Radio, the Chicago transplant […]

[CONCERT REVIEW] Gramatik At Red Rocks a.k.a Blizzmatik

Two pairs of wool socks, boots, Under Armour, hand warmers and hat, I debate long underwear for good measure but realize it’s most likely packed away into the abyss of winter gear. Did I mention, it’s May?     Among winter storm and flood warnings I prepare myself to head up to the rocks, Red […]

[ELECTRO/SOUL] Gramatik ft. Raekwon and Orlando Napier – “Native Son” (Free Download)

Late nights are nothing new to me. I’ve long since made friends with the moon and the stars shine to illuminate my desktop. The world moves a little slower at night and Earth’s vibrations slip under their covers and settle into a deeper rhythmic syncopation. Naturally I need my music to follow suit. I’ll shelve […]