[CONCERT REVIEW] Gramatik At Red Rocks a.k.a Blizzmatik

[CONCERT REVIEW] Gramatik At Red Rocks a.k.a Blizzmatik

[CONCERT REVIEW] Gramatik At Red Rocks a.k.a Blizzmatik



Two pairs of wool socks, boots, Under Armour, hand warmers and hat, I debate long underwear for good measure but realize it’s most likely packed away into the abyss of winter gear. Did I mention, it’s May?



Among winter storm and flood warnings I prepare myself to head up to the rocks, Red Rocks Ampitheatre that is, for what is sure to be an epic Gramatik experience. The wind whips the rain, laughing at feeble attempts for hoods and hats. The rain quickly turns to sleet but for every disheartened soul trudging down the steps early there are a dozen more bundled and raging, faces to the sky, or at least to the stage in defiant protest of the weather – the show must go on. Sleet turns to heavy, wet snow – any thoughts of the weather letting up are quickly dissipating.

As crew members desperately try to keep tech equipment dry, covered and wrapped in plastic, Gramatik takes the stage much to the delight of the now ice covered crowd. For all the bone chilling cold that encompassed Red Rocks Gramatik brought the heat. Grinning and bearing it right along with his faithful fans he made sure he got everyone moving, teeth chattering or not when that beat dropped it was undeniable physical inspiration. If there’s one benefit to be said of wicked wet weather it’s that it does wonders for lights, casting mesmerizing colorful beams that illuminate the swirling snow, if the cold didn’t take your breath away the sight of it illuminated by neon blues and greens surely would.

Check out Blizzmatik in action at Red Rocks here.

Considering that half the time the wind was blowing everything sideways I’m sure equipment took a beating but Gramatik never let on. Amidst condensed sets and an early ending, Gramatik and the rest of the badass musical talent that performed, proved even ridiculous Colorado weather is no match for the hearts of those fueled by the love of music. Here’s to you, the crazy, the bold, the fearless, the playful. The ones who would let a May blizzard dampen their dancing shoes but not their spirits. I hope I see you all out for the next one, hopefully with some drier, warmer conditions.

Make sure you catch the second single from Gramatik’s highly anticipated Epigram EP due out this June via his independent Lowtemp Music. Composed in collaboration with his label-mate and featured artist Slovenian producer Luxas, “Corporate Demons” was also included during the closing credits of the new short film The Condor. Stream it above and download it via his Soundcloud here. Check out more touring dates for Gramatik below.

May 09: Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison, CO)
May 15: Hangout Music Festival 2015 (Gulf Shores, AL)
May 16: Boat Cruise (Boston, MA)
May 23: Mysteryland USA 2015 (Bethel, NY)
June 11: Bonnaroo Music Festival 2015 (Manchester, TN)
June 20: Sonar (Barcelona, Spain)
June 25: Electric Forest 2015 (Rothbury, MI)
July 03: Herchesfield Roeser (Luxembourg)
July 16: Super Bock Super Rock (Lisbon, Portugal)
July 18: Sea Dance Festival (Budva, Me)
July 28: Rock en Seine (Saint-Cloud, France)
July 29: River Party (Kastoria, Greece)
July 30: Solar Weekend 2015 (Roermond, Netherlands)
Aug 02: Esperanzah! (Foreffe, Belgium)
Aug 07: Esplanade de la Petite Palud (Landerneau, France)
Aug 08: Les Jardins De La Palud (Landerneau, France)
Aug 10: Sziget Festival 2015 (Budapest, Hungary)
Aug 20: Square Bayard (Charleville Mezieres, France)
Aug 21: Square Bayard (Charleville Mezieres, France)
Aug 23: Stade Bayard (Charleville Mezieres, France)
Aug 28: Domaine National de Saint-Cloud (Saint-Cloud, France)
Aug 29: Domaine National de Saint-Cloud (Saint-Cloud, France)


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