The Knocks and Run DMC at Rockit Bar, Chicago

The Knocks and Run DMC at Rockit Bar, Chicago


Tuesday night was a great night. The sun was at it’s highest point in the sky and the heat of summer was in full effect; a perfect setting for Corona’s Summer Solstice mini-tour. Held at the famous Rockit Bar in downtown Chicago, The Knocks and Run DMC came out to rock a crowd of more than 300 people, made up mainly of industry workers. Thanks to the wonderful Billy Dec (owner of Rockit Bar) and his Twitter account, I got hooked up with two tickets to the semi-private event.

The concert was held on the top floor of the venue, with just enough space to accommodate everyone and still have some room for a little billiards action in the back. I have to say the stage was quite small and set up in a very weird place (Next to the bar and exit with only an aisle to stand in.) There was no room for anyone to dance! Hopefully the management will fix this situation for next time. Otherwise, the event was a huge success. Free Corona and food for everyone, great music, and a good atmosphere.

The Knocks opened around 7:45 pm with a 40 minute set that included Make It Better, Something I Can Dance To, and Dancing With The DJ. I don’t know how many people realized who The Knocks were before the concert, but you can bet they all knew who they were afterward. DMC came on after, sans Rev Run, playing a bit of a shorter set that included Black Betty, It’s Tricky, Mary Mary, and Walk This Way. Full of energy, DMC did a great job closing out the concert and really interacting with the crowd. A fantastic event all the way through, I have to give props to everyone who helped put it together, including Corona, The Knocks, Run DMC, Rockit Bar, Billy Dec, and everyone else involved. Peep the video from the event below!


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