[TROPICAL HOUSE]  Kygo ft. Will Heard – “Nothing Left”

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Kygo ft. Will Heard – “Nothing Left”

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Kygo ft. Will Heard – “Nothing Left”


[TROPICAL HOUSE]  Kygo ft. Will Heard - "Nothing Left"

Tell me that you need me, to help you find your way. No, I don’t need anything. Please won’t you believe me, even if you don’t agree. It shouldn’t matter anyway. Don’t seek love through words of affirmation. I’ve sat by and watched you give and give and give, for the last 4 years, if not longer. It’s not that you don’t find comfort in the pursuit, in the challenge, in the witching hour when you have someone to care for. But how much care can you give before you realize you need to start caring for yourself? Be alone – after all, it’s easy for you to be vulnerable. But alone? Will Tom do another Mission just for you? I don’t want to see you fall victim to your own creations.

“There’ll be nothing left for no one.”

Tropical house giant Kygo changes up the sound for “Nothing Left”, opting for a decidedly chiller vibe to match vocalist Will Heard. Foregoing the overly troppy synths and upbeat beach tempo, Kygo takes the minimal route – piano chords to match the pleading vocals. It’s a curve ball for the middle of summer, but shows a softer side of Kygo, a side that is a welcome change of pace from the saturated tropical house market at the moment.

Stream the new single below and grab your copy of “Nothing Left” via iTunes here.

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