What’s that? Did somebody say new techno music? If you’re anything like me then you’re constantly scouring the internet to find the latest and greatest in techno tunes. It can be hard to be a techno fan sometimes. Unlike other genres, sounds that satisfy your insatiable pallet are few and far between, well for me at least.

That is why I’m setting out to find the best techno and tech house music and streamline them straight to you, the listener. Each and every month I will be posting my various finds under the category ‘This Month In Techno.’ Get up, put in your headphones, start the first track and start dancing!

First things first, this track by OC and Verde is completely pervading the dance music scene right now. The mysterious track features a vocal sample that gives the tune an ominous presence. The synths and vocal sample in ‘Maasai’ flow together all the while being backed by a powerful drum beat. Hot Since 82 has been dropping this one in his sets for quite some time, and for good reason.

Speaking of Hot Since 82. The thirty four year old dance music veteran from Athersley, UK came out with this tune recently and it’s moving dance floors worldwide. ‘Yourself’ is characteristically similar to the majority of his work. Robust drums are paired with Padley’s walloping claps, a defining Hot Since 82 characteristic.

This track from Sci+Tek is one of those long dance floor suspense tracks that flow nicely into more abrupt tracks. The synth frequencies on this one could drive someone mad but they are a necessary component to a calculated techno set. This track keeps you on your toes.

Everyone and their mother is remixing Dubfire these days. The forty five year old DJ from Iran is one of the most prolific in the techno scene at the moment. It is no surprise that when Italian techno legend Joseph Capriati remixed this track it shook dance floors to their core. The pounding bassline and blunt drums seem to drag giving the song an offbeat rhythm.

This track hails from Adam Beyer’s Drumcode record label. Drumcode is known for producing some of the hardest hitting beats the scene has to offer. ‘A Feeling’ certainly lives up to this expectation. The vocal sample picks up around halfway through the song and gives the forceful tune a tinge of jazzy soul. We are loving this track.

Tale of Us have been making their rounds and paying their dues. They are slowly but surely becoming a dynamic force in the world of techno. But their sounds eclipse techno itself. Through their various remixes they are on the forefront of a unique sector of techno music that is highly melodic, largely based on vocal sampling, and epic horns. The tune was world premiered by Pete Tong a few months ago and has been played at nearly every club in the world this summer. The duo has been at a number of different notable festivals and clubs this summer. This list includes frequent stops at Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin, Space Ibiza, Mamby on The Beach in Chicago, and Movement Festival in Detroit.

That is all for this week in techno folks. Make sure to check back every week to listen to my hand picked group of techno tracks. Now get up and get dancing!




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