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    [MONTHLY] Keep Me Alive: Best of 11.2014 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

      Keep me alive. I regularly search for the answer to that one. I wrack my brain, I walk countless midnight miles looking for a reason to keep going. I’m a bit temptuous, more than mercurial. But I’m also someone with high standards for my life. In tandem, I’m someone that holds a sycthe to […]

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  • [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie-Pop Icon RAC 1

    [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie Pop Icon RAC

      André Allen Anjos, the mastermind behind RAC, is ready for a break. After touring almost non-stop for 5 years, releasing some of the biggest remixes of the last couple years, as well as writing and recording his debut album, Strangers, this year, he could use some R&R. But don’t worry fans, André isn’t going […]

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    [DARK DANCE] Ben Howard does Kiesza’s “Hideaway” + Gryffin Reimagines Maroon 5’s “Animals”

      So we were sober.  And I was swimming away from you in the Indian Ocean, because you’d asked me to meet your soft lips without shouting into the end of a bottle first.  And we raced  around those tides, until you caught up to my hand like a shark and held it, asking me to […]

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    [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] In Conversation With: Investo

      Progressive house producer Investo has just unleashed the wonderfully charismatic “A Place To Go”, featuring the huge talent that is Tara McDonald on vocal duties. As an artist who is only just starting to transition into the genre, he is in a great place to establish a signature sound. We caught up with Investo […]

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[QUICK MIX] degrade.LA Color Series: On Planets [.green]

  We’re excited to share the third edition of the new Color Series from Los Angeles collective degrade.LA. We introduced you to the degrade movement a few weeks ago with their past releases, with their first two from Colour Vision and Wilks (blue and orange). This time we’re treated to the wonderfully smooth musical prowess of […]

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[NEWS/DUBSTEP] XDI, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s Present The 3rd Annual Winter Formal Ft.: Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Sadhu b2b Genetix, Haunta & More

 XDI events, WompWorthy, Stay Gold Promotions and Medusa’s are back with their 3rd Annual Winter Formal at Medusa’s in Elgin, where the name of the game is pure, unadulterated, filthy, grimy, violent BASS, straight from the depths of dubstep hell.  With the likes of underground heavyweights Dack Janiels, Bukez Finezt, Haunta, and the return of […]

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[HOUSE] Alesso – “Heroes” ft. Tove Lo (Salvatore Ganacci Remix)

  Dropping November 24th is the huge remix of “Heroes” from Swede Salvatore Ganacci. Originally created by DJ superstar Alesso, “Heroes” saw huge success both in the club scene and towards the more commercial side of dance music. Ganacci starts the show by carefully introducing the vocals, originally taken from a Bowie record, over an […]

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[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside - "Ellie" (Win & Woo Remix)

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside – “Ellie” (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

  I love my late nights. It’s the time when the world calms down, the city goes to sleep, and I get time to catch up on all the day’s activities. It’s when I get to really catch up on music, see what my social life is up to, and generally kick back. It’s no […]

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[ELECTRO HOUSE] Filip Jenven - "Game Changer"

[ELECTRO HOUSE] Filip Jenven – “Game Changer”

  “Game Changer” is the massive new release from Filip Jenven. Landing on Mutants Records in a couple of weeks, this energetic track is set to do some serious damage to dance floors around the club scene. Away from the heaviness of the large majority of the song, interesting musical ideas flurry around the breakdown. […]

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[NEWS/DUBSTEP] Excision Announces 2015 Tour

  Excision’s recent release, “Night Shine” was sheer brilliance. Teaming up with The Frim and Luciana, the dubstep pioneer delivered a flawless production once again and is now set for travels with the announcement of his 2015 tour set for Canada and North America. As you would expect from an Excision tour, an enormous production team […]

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[QUICK MIX] Above & Beyond – Robot Heart Yoga: Burning Man 2014 (Free Download)

  Many depict Burning Man to be this wild and crazy party in the desert. And it is. But Burning Man is much, much more than just booze and music at 4:30 AM on another planet. It’s also art and creativity, human emotion and expression, highs and lows, and anything else you can imagine. One […]

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[DUBSTEP] D-Jahsta and Rekoil - "The Devil" (Full Version Released)

[DUBSTEP] D-Jahsta and Rekoil – “The Devil” (Full Version Released)

  I hold bass music very near and dear to me, mostly because of the surreal, inhuman urges that getting lost in the basslines causes me to have. It’s overpowering (almost sadistic) and, in extreme cases, transforms me completely, you could even say it full-on possesses me.  D-Jahsta and Rekoil‘s new colossal heavyweight “The Devil” […]

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