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Groove On Art

[DEEP HOUSE] Three Bar – “Groove On” EP

Released a couple of weeks back on Huxley’s ‘Saints & Sonnets’ label, Three Bar has officially dropped his debut EP, “Groove On.” As an up and coming producer who has already received support from the likes of Skream and Route 94, this creatively minded young talent certainly displays his talent with the three-track collection. Adding […]

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[FUTURE POP/BASS] Sophie – Lemonade

You open up a can of your favorite soda and pour it into a glass. You watch as it fizzes with bubbles shooting to the top, aching to escape. Upon that first sip, it’s immediately sweet and refreshing – the perfect antidote to the thirst that has been plaguing you. But, imagine if you could […]

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[FESTIVAL RECAP] Riverwest Music Festival

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Riverwest Music Festival Brings The Soul Back To Chicago House Music

Chicago, the original birthplace of house music, has always been home to some of the best sounds in the genre. Over the course of the last two summer seasons it’s been blessed with the wonders of Wavefront Music Festival, a beachside party gathering some of the best globally recognized names in underground house music. As […]

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Beacons Logo 2014

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] Beacons Festival: New Bands Not To Miss

Beacons Festival 2014 in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales, is less than two weeks away and here at The Sights and Sounds not only are we excited about the likes of Darkside, Jon Hopkins, Neneh Cherry with Rocketnumbernine, Charli XCX and Action Bronson, but we are also extremely excited about the wealth of talent on the undercard. Here are […]

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[FESTIVAL RECAP] The Hudson Music Project: Bringing Together Music, Culture, And Rain

[FESTIVAL RECAP] The Hudson Project: Bringing Together Music, Culture, And Rain

The Hudson Project 2014 was informally billed as the “East Coast Answer” to Coachella. Like its Western “step-sister”, The Hudson Music Project was set to feature a multi-genre assortment of musical acts, artisanal food-cart offerings, and the idea that good vibes were to be in full supply. Held at the Winston Farms in Saugerties, NY, […]

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[NOISE/INDIE] Girl Band – De Bom Bom

What is adolescence? The Oxford English Dictionary defines adolescence as ‘the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult’. That definition is well and good, but what it doesn’t tell us about are the fits of apathy, indecision, rage, and passion that we all experience […]

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[DARK POP] Rhye- 3 Days (Nick Monaco Retouch)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Sometimes the bones involved aren’t only boners. Sex, it seeps into your bones. And that long term sex, that devastating sex with someone you know, you know intimately, well, that’s like a rapid osteoporosis. It, by every caress, each  suck down the  neck by pursed, kissing lips, that tittilating thigh entwinement, leeches the life from […]

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[ELECTRO/HOUSE] HELENA – “Levity” (Fareoh, Maarcos, and Merk & Kremont Remix New EP)

Stunning DJ and producer HELENA released ‘Levity’ featuring Shawnee Taylor a couple of months back, and the surging electro-house single went down extremely well. Combining a soaring melody with a weighty, rhythmical bass line, it was heard on dance floors across the world. Now on July 28th, a remix EP of the original drops via […]

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