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Bonnie X Clyde Release Video For Emotionally Stirring “Torn”


When was the last time you felt truly whole? When was the last time you felt heard?

Bonnie X Clyde give a voice to some of the most-often repressed aspects of our humanity in their new release “Torn.”

I’m hurting. I want you to know.

I can’t keep it inside anymore, and it’s best to get it out, anyway. To you, the anonymous Internets, I peel back the layers of my heart-never-on-my-sleeve.

Even now, I can’t seem to find the words – but I know that I’m not the only one going through the feelings of being Torn.

Torn apart by what
I feel I want to do,
need to do,
and the hundreds of other ways my ego p u l l s me.


Like putting on a suit of armor, each small infraction guards me ever-longer and it will take a lifetime to peel it off.

“We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another,” say Bonnie X Clyde of the inspiration behind the new track.

“Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings and coming to terms with them… and understanding it’s ok to need help and to not be ok all the time.”

Like the suit of armor in reverse, “Torn” works to peel back the layers of defense we so often build instead of laying vulnerable emotions bare.

It reads easier than done, but step 1 could just be hitting play and allowing the music to act as your therapy.

Just Breathe. We’re in this together.


“Torn” was produced in collaboration with the mysterious duo Purge.

bonnie x clyde torn music video

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