[CHILLWAVE/ELECTRONICA] Slumberjack – “Thailand”

[CHILLWAVE/ELECTRONICA] Slumberjack – “Thailand”

[CHILLWAVE/ELECTRONICA] Slumberjack – “Thailand”




Like flare signals shot from the heart or evocative sparklers shining through my eyes towards the sun on the horizon, Slumberjack‘s ‘Thailand” has been sending signals from my body to the world that I’m ready for its warmth. Instrumentals–when done right—can fill the soul with swirling sounds of sweet succulence; and that’s exactly what Slumberjack have pulled off here.

These synths can take even the darkest person out there, slip them into some sandals, hand them a Mai Thai and give them all the reason in the world to say “fuck it” in Phuket. No matter if you’re in a rural shantytown or hugging your wall unit for cool air in the steaming urban jungle, tracks like this can take away you to where te3h waves crash and the sand sticks to your feet.

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