[ELECTRONICA] PREMIERE: Empathy Test – “Throwing Stones” (Black City Lights Remix)

[ELECTRONICA] PREMIERE: Empathy Test – “Throwing Stones” (Black City Lights Remix)

[ELECTRONICA] PREMIERE: Empathy Test – “Throwing Stones” (Black City Lights Remix)



“Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.” This is one of my favorite lines from Forrest Gump and from any movie for that matter. For some reason, when I listen to this remix, thoughts of struggle, confusion, and barriers in life come flashing before me. In the moments where it feels like we’re stuck in quicksand or slowly realizing that our paths aren’t going exactly to plan, it’s important to realize that no matter how much we wish we could change the past, we can only choose how we live in this moment, right now, today, and how we make it through the toughest decisions.

Well, today, here at The Sights and Sounds, we’ve got quite an easy decision to make – share this amazing music with you! Duh! We’re excited to be premiering some of the last material from New Zealand’s Black City Lights, who sadly called it a day earlier this year. Before they did, Empathy Test got them to remix their stellar single “Throwing Stones” for their forthcoming Throwing Stones Remixed EP, out on August 18. The ten track remix EP features remixes of tracks from Empathy Test’s second EP of the same name, by talented artists and producers from around the globe. A remix of “Here Is The Place” by NYC DJ Thomas Datt premiered on Earmilk and Minuit Machine’s remix, also of “Throwing Stones,” premiered on PopMatters. For us, it’s a true honor to have the opportunity to be a part of the buzz around this Remix EP and we’re sure you will feel the same way once you hear the track below.

Beginning with emotional vocals mixed and cut up over a low humming tone, the single quickly turns up the heat with a heavy kick-snare beat that is punchy and fun. At around the 1:30 min mark, we’re treated to heavenly, bright synths that resemble a small xylophone. The percussion gets interesting with lots of wooden click-clacking behind even more layered synths and experimental sounds. The journey is one of pure bliss and allows for total introspection into where you’re at along the path you’ve chosen. Just remember that as you drift away to this expansive remix, never try to change the past and always focus on the now and making the most of it, because you never know how long it will last.

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