[CONCERT RECAP] All Good Records Hosts All Night Detroit Party

[CONCERT RECAP] All Good Records Hosts All Night Detroit Party

[CONCERT RECAP] All Good Records Hosts All Night Detroit Party


Muzzy Bearr of All Good Records hosted the first ever All Good Family Affair in Detroit, Michigan last weekend.

Tires, a warehouse in Detroit, was the perfect intimate venue for the show. Complete with a stage, bar, vendor area, and skateboard ramp, it held a packed group of excited, funky music fans. With a creative lineup of surprise guests, the music and dancing didn’t stop. Through the early hours of the morning, the house was full of love, friends, and awesome music. The first of the monthly Family Affair shows featured Muzzy Bearr, Statik, Exmag, Golf Clap, Flint Eastwood, MotorKam, and Mind Cntrl.


All Good Family Affair, Tires Detroit 3/25

Mind Cntrl, special guest from Milwaukee, said that the event was one of his favorite musical experiences to date. “The venue was really cool and different. The people and crowd were incredibly nice and fun, and the atmosphere was really great all night. I had an absolute blast.”

The host of the event, Detroit producer Muzzy Bearr, was excited to take on both the event and experience of hosting a collective show. “The first All Good Family Affair was a really special night. When label manager and good friends Jordan Kleiman and Harrison Diskin approached me with the idea for the monthly I couldn’t really say no. It seemed like an amazing opportunity to bring the people of Detroit together for a one of a kind curated event with an intimate party vibe,” he explained.


Muzzy Bearr, All Good Family Affair

The night was a huge success. Each special guest gave an awesome performance and had a blast jamming with their friends and sharing the love of music. The crowd was interactive, vibrant, and happy to be there. There was a sense of home throughout the venue; it felt like a celebration of friends and great music.

“The night could not have gone better with regards to that. It didn’t really hit me until after I got off stage and looked out from the balcony did I realize that the vision for the night had been actualized. People were there vibing and there was a special feeling in the room that could only happen in this place in this time. All Good Records loves Detroit and we just want to contribute to the city and the scene within it as much as we can,” Muzzy added.


The next All Good Family Affair will be back in Detroit in April featuring a new lineup of special guests and friends. If you are a fan of All Good Records, unique music venues, and great friends, this event is a must see. Stay tuned for more details coming soon. Come on out for a great time!

Photos by David Chaben



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