[DARK INDIETRONICA] Grouplove- Shark Attack (Portugal, The Man Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Grouplove- Shark Attack (Portugal, The Man Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Grouplove- Shark Attack (Portugal, The Man Remix)



I try to not let too many people in. I’m a maelstrom inside. Not in that messy way that the mawkish moan about.  God, my mess is not emo, it’s sexy as fuck–at least I think so. But I know where to hide when the windstorms wail and whip against my body until I wince and smile. When the heat of revelations in my mind sears me into the desert ground of my frontier heart, I prop up my legs for a suntan and hope for the best.  Those winds, that heat—the culmination of fuck ups and mouth dropping tragedy–yeah, they ripped my clothes right off me. They left me walking naked, my vulnerability trailing me precariously, attached at the hip like a third leg.  I was always going to get stared at after. Should I run, hide, and cover myself like those two fools in the Garden of Eden who suddenly became aware of their sin, ashamed of themselves? Fuck, that.

And I am what I am, a natural disaster
Pick me up at three, send me off to sea
And maybe I’ll come back for you
See, I lost my clothes, I’m skinny-dipping
And I can’t understand what I’m after

I love myself. It took me a decade to say that.  But I really have no idea what I’m after anymore.  The dosasters that shaped me, instilled their life in me; but they also left me absent any of the limitations, the preconceptions that plague others. So, sure, I’m a bit of an ass and you can smack my ass–it’s exposed for you.  But I walk amongst you exposed, proud, a swirling bit of mess for now. But you know what it is about natural disasters? We may be a wind tunnel of a person now.  But we’ve been reshaped into monsoon hearts,  cyclone minds, and lightning quick hands.  Natural disasters are going to happen. We’re going to fucking happen. We’re going to land one day after swirling, lost at sea and reshape our worlds. So while I’m in your laughing stock, don’t whip me too hard. I have to make landfall somewhere.

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