[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes – “Don’t Let Me Go”

[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes – “Don’t Let Me Go”

[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes – “Don’t Let Me Go”


[DRUM & BASS] The Prototypes - "Don't Let Me Go"

Hailing from Brighton, UK, this dance floor orientated Drum & Bass duo have just released a stunningly euphoric single, ready for their debut LP City Of Gold to drop at the end of summer. “Don’t Let Me Go/Humanoid” is the follow up to The Prototypes’ stomping “Pale Blue Dot”, which they released shortly after signing with Viper Recordings at the end of last year.

The Prototypes are taking things down a more mainstream route this time round, with “Don’t Let Me Go” working as a summer cut of vocal led drum & bass, featuring the crystal clear vocals of Amy Pearson. Feel good, almost house-y piano stabs and synths provide the bed for Pearson’s pitched vocals, with a groove-fuelled bass line kicking in not long after.

On the flip comes “Humanoid”, which takes things back for the grimy massive. A pure D&B weapon, it provides a darker contrast to the warmth of the A-side. This track is not too dissimilar to “Pale Blue Dot” in its synth layout but is a tad grittier in its overall delivery, and will certainly quench the appetite of those who are long-term fans of The Prototypes.  With a number of remixes available, including a bouncy Jade Blue house edit, this really is a tidy little package.

Grab yourself a copy here. 



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