Pendulum Returns With ‘Reworks’ Album + Tour

Pendulum Returns With ‘Reworks’ Album + Tour

Pendulum Returns With ‘Reworks’ Album + Tour


The fabled and legendary Pendulum is swinging back from their seven year hiatus with a new project for 2018, and it’s called ‘The Reworks’.

Drum & bass fans are certainly squealing like middle school girls at a Spice Girls concert (did I date myself with that reference?) and they have all the reason and more. Pendulum have announced their return for 2018 with brand new music and live shows. For those of you who haven’t been christened with the likes of a live Pendulum performance, redemption is near, with the official launch set for March 16th.

One can expect the feeling of a rock & roll show with the energy and music of drum & bass.  At least that’s what we’ve seen in the past. ‘The Reworks‘ is said to be a project unlike any other by the band. Again, might I provide some emphasis on the fact that they are a D&B band! Vocals, guitars, bass, synths, and most iconically the drums.

Since the early 2000’s, Pendulum has released epochal drum & bass music.

From their first release, ‘Hold Your Colour‘ in 2005 with singles like ‘Tarantula‘ and ‘Slam‘, the album achieved it’s well deserved status of platinum in the UK.  Come 2008 they followed up with their album ‘In Silico‘ and continued to top charts with ‘Immersion‘ in 2010, which featured the above track, ‘Witchcraft‘. Their discography has been nothing short of immensely impressive and despite their hiatus, Pendulum remains cherished in the world of electronic music. They are eternally a hallmark of drum & bass everywhere.

This electrifying return of Pendulum marks a new chapter for the group, who have assumed a highly accredited roll as one of the most influential and pioneering in electronic music that the world has seen. They’ve already been announced as headliners for the Radio 1 stage at Redding and Leeds along with a sold out Printworks show April 14th. With more massive festival dates TBA this year, Pendulum just made 2018 that much better.

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