[FESTIVALS] Need some Love? Desert Hearts Announces Spring 2017 Festival & City Hearts Tour Dates

[FESTIVALS] Need some Love? Desert Hearts Announces Spring 2017 Festival & City Hearts Tour Dates

[FESTIVALS] Need some Love? Desert Hearts Announces Spring 2017 Festival & City Hearts Tour Dates


After deciding to take a hiatus from its fall festival in 2016, the Desert Hearts crew has amazing news for its clan of vibrant, dust-swept followers—the SoCal party starters have announced the dates for their Spring 2017 festival, as well as those for a 21-city tour preceding the grand finale.  From March 31st to April 3rd, a little over three thousand of the most devout followers will return to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation for an unparalleled celebration of House, Techno and most of all, Love.  Check out their five minute teaser video for the fiesta above.

I have been to many a music festival, but Desert Hearts is undoubtedly my favorite.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when spontaneously deciding to attend my first DH festival, but everything I found was much more than I could have imagined.  To be clear—I am not a “roughing it” type of girl.  I like my creature comforts (and then some), I’m not afraid to admit it.  So it’s reasonable to be puzzled that I enjoyed sleeping in a propped-up tent in the middle of a dark field in 30-degree weather more than I’ve ever appreciated a swanky hotel and room service.   Sure, those who wish to make the trek to the desert may have to bring pretty much all humanly necessities (and proceed to pack their waste out at the end of the long weekend) but it’s not everything that Desert Heart’s doesn’t have that matters, it’s everything it does have.  Read more about my adventure at the Desert Hearts Spring 2017 festival here (insert link), but trust me – if you’re on the fence about going, make like Nike and Just Do It.

If you can’t make it out to the west coast for the festival, never fear: chances are there’s a City Hearts Tour date near you.  In addition to major US hubs like Brooklyn, Portland, LA, DC, and Austin, Desert Hearts is also going international this year with City Hearts stops at Som & Sol Festival in Brazil and Ocaso Festival in Costa Rica.  The world is certainly in need of some love now more than ever, and Desert Hearts is taking another step toward their goal of changing the world one dance floor at a time.


City Hearts Tour Dates:

Dec 03 – Som & Sol Festival – Santa Maria, BR
Dec 16 – The Belasco – Los Angeles, CA
Dec 23 – Spin Nightclub – San Diego, CA
Dec 31 – Minimal Effort – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 6-9 – Ocaso Festival – Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Jan 20 – Showbox Market – Seattle, WA
Jan 21 – Flash Factory – Manhattan, NY
Jan 26 – Warehouse – New Orleans, LA
Jan 27 – Flash – Washington, DC
Jan 28 – Lemon City Studios – Miami, FL
Feb 02 – CrowBar – Boise, ID
Feb 03 – Agave – Avon, CO
Feb 03 – Gem & Jam – Tucson, AZ
Feb 04 – Cervantes – Denver, CO
Feb 05 – Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO
Feb 10 – The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 11 – TBA
Feb 17 – Ethics – Austin, TX
Feb 17 – The Biltmore – Tahoe, CA
Feb 18 – 1Up – Reno, NV
Feb 24 – Whiskey Bar – Portland, OR
Feb 25 – Public Works – San Francisco, CA
Mar 4 – Secret Location – Brooklyn, NY
Mar 31 – Apr 3 – Desert Hearts Festival


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