Who The Hell Is Sweet Heat Records?

Who The Hell Is Sweet Heat Records?

Who The Hell Is Sweet Heat Records?


The rise of independent labels is a driven and inspiring sensation known to just about all the genres we know.

But in the electronic underground, small parties reincarnate as cult-like festivals and apparent “nobody’s” become hottest label of the year faster than you can say Sweet Heat Records. 2018 is still fresh and at the forefront of a new year comes unfamiliar names that are here to galvanize.

Sweet Heat Records is an independent record label based out of Las Vegas, Nevada run by Nicholas Joseph Hart (aka Dexter Harlequin). Expect them to be cranking all the hot flavors of house music – from tech house to booty tech to booty house and all things big bumpin’ and booty-ful.

Established in 2018, the fun seekers over at Sweet Heat aim to spread their community and bring people together through the music. Vegas is all too often seen as just The Strip and nothing more. But there is also community, and a group of individuals who want to have a good time without taking this shit too seriously: ie. Sweet Heat Records.

Drawing influence from the likes of Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, Hot Creations, and more, you can expect Sweet Heat Records to be throwing pop-up parties, podcasts, and upcoming artist releases. Speaking of which…

You can listen to Shiba Selects Vol. 1 here, the label’s first release (of many to come). Featuring a collection of best friends, label mates, and some LA pals, the compilation is available for free download upon it’s release today! Fun fact: this first compilation series is dedicated to Dexter Harlequin’s first pet disco ball Shiba. 🙂

Listen to Shiba Selects Vol. 1 below

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