[TOUR RECAP] Griz’s ‘Good Will Prevail’ Tour Gave America Hope When We Needed It Most

[TOUR RECAP] Griz’s ‘Good Will Prevail’ Tour Gave America Hope When We Needed It Most

[TOUR RECAP] Griz’s ‘Good Will Prevail’ Tour Gave America Hope When We Needed It Most


Think of the most beautiful show you’ve ever been to. Do you remember the look on everyone’s faces? Can you still picture the looks of awe, the eyes full of bliss? Remember that moment that gave your entire body chills, and all you could do was smile?
What made it beautiful for you? Was it the music itself, the people you were surrounded by, or something else?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some pieces of life scattered throughout our experiences that we can’t deny straight up radiate those happy, feel good vibes and make them beautiful. These moments can be found in times of laughter, love, in sounds, in art, in people. Beauty can be found everywhere if you really look for it, but how do you create the moment for thousands of people to experience, both together and in their own ways?


Artists among every genre alike seek to create those beautiful experiences that leave you feeling as if you’ve just spent those moments with a family of thousands. Through both their sounds and their live performances, they can create an atmosphere of togetherness, where everyone can experience the beauty of it all while both expressing themselves as individuals and gettin’ down with their friends. And then, there are those artists that go above and beyond to make it feel like you’re at a party surrounded by best friends you’ve never met. Any artists come to mind?


GrizGood Will Prevail Tour has finally come to a glorious end. Beginning in October in Salt Lake City and ending in San Francisco almost two months later, team Griz has traveled the country with funkadelic style and delivered a tour dedicated to spreading the good, the positive, and the love in the world to all.

The Good Will Prevail tour was a little bit different than Griz’ other tours. This tour was special because it was held during a time that the country needs to come together in love, patience, and understanding the most. Griz, Muzzy Bearr, supporting artists Haywyre, Brasstracks, and the All Good Records team made it their mission to spread as much peace and love to the hearts they encountered as they could. Along with this, they gave us a taste of the best production we’ve seen during a Griz tour yet. If you attended one of the shows on the tour, take the feelings that those moments gave you and spread that love to everyone you meet.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out a show on this tour, it’s all good…

We decided to gather some of the highlights of the Good Will Prevail Tour both from the videos shared by Griz and from the fans themselves to show you what we’re talking about.

Chicago, IL

Houston, Texas

Atlanta, GA

Tempe, Arizona

Videos by Laine Kelly

Hey guys. What did you think about your stop on the Good Will Prevail Tour?


“That was my first show ever. I think it changed my life.” –Sarah, Los Angeles

“He played most of his new album. It’s a beautiful album; it has a beautiful message. That’s what everyone needed lately. Good will prevail! I know it will! I love you Griz” –Julia, Houston

“I flew in from Alabama. Griz’ biggest sold out show in one of the coolest cities in the country? Is that even a question?” –Jeff, Chicago

“My sister surprised me with a ticket for the show. I had never seen anything like it. We hugged the entire time during the song that had LOVE on the screen. I’ve never been to a show that expressed that much genuine happiness…” –Jen, Washington

“He gave me everything I wanted and more. I went by myself, I didn’t know anyone around me. When the show ended, I had made about twelve new friends. That show, man!” –Josh, Boston

“HA. Yeah we’re gonna go smoke and try to process the craziness that just happened to us…” -Connor and Steve, Chicago

“It makes me happy to know that there are still good people in the world. Thanks Griz, for bringing all of us together.” –Kate, Pittsburgh


Since we are all unique individuals, each one of us has a different way we express and spread beauty. However, when gathered at an experience like the Good Will Prevail tour, you can’t help but take whatever your idea of beauty is and turn it into love and positive energy with the people around you. The tour and the album have created a joyful, accepting, and beautiful environment for Griz fans and music fans alike. Success!

If you’re looking to go to a great show that will hit you right in “the feels,” a Griz show is the show for you. Get excited for December, as Griz plays in his hometown city of Detroit for the annual sold out Grizmas celebration. This year will feature special guests Big Wild, Gosh Pith, Flint Eastwood, Louis the Child, SunSquabi, and Freddy Todd.

“As I sit on this plane thinking about the past two months on the road, all I can do is smile. 38 shows in 53 days…wow. We did it and we did it WELL! So much love and thanks to #TeamGRiZ for making this the most successful tour yet, and a big thanks to GK for inspiring us all to take it to the next level every single day. This is just the beginning.” –Muzzy Bearr, 11/27/16

“I believe, that all we need, in this world, is more love.”


‘Good Will Prevail’ is now available for purchase on iTunes here.

Hungry for some more sounds from All Good Records? Check out 1984, the funky fresh new EP by the Russ Liquid Test.



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