[FUTURE POP/BASS] Sophie – Lemonade

[FUTURE POP/BASS] Sophie – Lemonade

[FUTURE POP/BASS] Sophie – Lemonade



You open up a can of your favorite soda and pour it into a glass. You watch as it fizzes with bubbles shooting to the top, aching to escape. Upon that first sip, it’s immediately sweet and refreshing – the perfect antidote to the thirst that has been plaguing you. But, imagine if you could distill that sequence into 2 minutes of future-pop/bass music. Well, without sounding lame, that is exactly what enigmatic UK producer SOPHIE has done with new single ‘Lemonade’, due for release on August 4th.

‘Lemonade’ is a dizzying concoction – a manic mix of fizzy synths, bubbling beats and sugar sweet vocals that serve as the follow-up to SOPHIE’s massive ‘Bipp’, which was released in 2013. It’s repeated vocal hook of ‘Lemonade, luh-luh, lemonade’ is initially played over what could be the sound of bubbles popping at different pitches; and it is surely a vocal hook that will plague the minds of all future bass fans over the coming months. However that vocal refrain then gives way to a frantic ‘chorus’, which cranks up SOHPIE’s characteristic sugar-sweet vocals further, over aggressive synth stabs. It is almost as if SOPHIE has brought two separate tracks together, but does it with such precision that it not only disarms and shocks the listener but puts a huge smile on their face.

SOPHIE has kept us extremely thirsty for new music over the past 12 months or so, with mind-bending live outings being the only way to quench that thirst. But now with ‘Lemonade’ dropping, we can drench ourselves in this piece of future thinking pop/bass music.

This is the future. Essential listening.

America, listen up! SOPHIE is touring in the US. Check out the tour dates below:

08-08 Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia  (w/Flume)
08-09 Palm Springs, CA – Splash House Festival
08-09 Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia (w/Flume)
08-11 Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia (w/Flume, The Range)
09-06 Long Island City, NY – MoMA PS1 Warm Up (w/Lone, Forest Swords, Evian Christ)
09-12 Dallas, TX – Gorilla vs Bear IV (w/Panda Bear, Blues Control)


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