[HOUSE/HIP-HOP] Deadmau5 – “Closer” + “Failbait” (Ft. Cypress Hill)

[HOUSE/HIP-HOP] Deadmau5 – “Closer” + “Failbait” (Ft. Cypress Hill)

[HOUSE/HIP-HOP] Deadmau5 – “Closer” + “Failbait” (Ft. Cypress Hill)


Joel Zimmerman must be trying to embody the spirit of Julian Assange with his latest volley of never before heard music. Ok, Wikileaks might be a far cry for the rockstar EDM producer, but Deadmau5 has been on a huge music binge lately, releasing and re-mixing old and unreleased tracks for our listening enjoyment.

The first track is a 5-minute preview that has all the factors to be a great house mix. Unfortunately, “Closer” still has a few pieces missing in this preview, but I have hope the finished version will be a classic Deadmau5 banger.

Closer by fuckmylife
The second track to grace our earbuds is quite a far stretch from the classic Mau5 we’re used to hearing. Think less house, more hip-hop as Joel apparently teamed up with Cypress Hill last year to record a track that was never released. His notes:

“Did you guys know i produced and recorded a track with Cypress Hill last year? Probably not. 😉 I have the master sittin right here, I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to release this one… it ain’t house. Just some gnarly bassy oldschool hip-hop with a somewhat new production twist… ah screw it, I’ll upload it to Soundcloud. Sec!”
Deadmau5 – Failbait (ft. Cypress Hill) by fuckmylife

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