[ELECTRONIC] deadmau5 Releases ‘stuff i used to do’ – 13 New Tracks For Free

[ELECTRONIC] deadmau5 Releases ‘stuff i used to do’ – 13 New Tracks For Free

[ELECTRONIC] deadmau5 Releases ‘stuff i used to do’ – 13 New Tracks For Free


deadmau5’s recently been a man of his word .

Back in December Joel Zimmerman announced via an eight-hour Twitch live stream that he had compiled and remastered tracks from his 1997-2008 era, and had intentions to release the mix in the near future.

On December 3, Zimmerman shared the following on Twitter:

deadmau5 tweet


On February 24, Zimmerman kept to his word with the release of the collection of remastered tracks ‘stuff i used to do’, and most appropriately, did so for free.



The newest album comes in anticipation of the forthcoming “lots of shows in a row tour” this Spring.

On Friday, March 3 ‘stuff i used to do’ will be available at all digital retailers, and will include three additional exclusive tracks.

For now, grab your free download here.


1. Messages from nowhere
2. Digitol
3. Screen door
4. Squid
5. 50 something cats
6. Charlie can’t dance
7. My opinion
8. HaxPigMeow
9. Obsidian
10. Long walk off a short pier
11. Support
12. Superlover
13. Creep (Alt. version)

But to no surprise Zimmerman has been up to even more.

In a recently shared video he showcased his updated stage production system, Cube 2.1, a collaboration with TAIT and YouTube. The collaboration is to consist of a web series to be released in full by April of this year, of which Zimmerman said the following about,

“You get to see more sides of my creativity, as opposed to listening to the music you’ve already heard, and you get to see new content, and new content delivery methods.”

TAIT’s worked with deadmau5 in the past, both for his residency and performance at Veld 2016. But TAIT’s impressive breadth of work also includes productions for Omnia Nightclub, the Olympic ceremonies, Academy Awards, and visual designs for prolific acts including Lady Gaga, Muse, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

TAIT’s explained that Cube 2.1 is about much more than technology though. Rather it’s about the environment, human emotion, senses, and collaboration. The new web series will highlight the cube and showcase the deadmau5’s convergence of music, art, and technology. The two explained they hope to completely transform a space regardless of audience size.

“It’s not about just going to see a show it’s about having an entire experience. [With this cube] we digitally control the energy of the room to make that experience happen,” Adam Davis, TAIT.

Earlier this month Zimmerman shared visual renders on his social media for well-known tracks “My Pet Coelacanth,” “Snowcone” , and “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever.”

It’s unconfirmed whether the shared visuals will be included in the upcoming “lots of shows in a row” tour, but we certainly think so, and we’re stoked regardless.

Tickets for the “lots of shows in a row” tour are still available in limited cities here.



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