[CHILL] I Revisited Thom Yorke’s BBC Bedtime Mix, Here’s What Went Down

[CHILL] I Revisited Thom Yorke’s BBC Bedtime Mix, Here’s What Went Down

[CHILL] I Revisited Thom Yorke’s BBC Bedtime Mix, Here’s What Went Down


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Thom Yorke curated a Bedtime Mix for BBC Radio 1 last Summer which resurfaced last weekend. Naturally I had to put it to the test.

Yorke not only rides the fine line that is pretentiousness and coolness, but he himself embodies that line. He’s up to date on literally every music sphere, if you need any more proof just check out his latest mix at NY fashion week’s Rag & Bone event where he threw down an insane set featuring Sir Mix A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” , Vince Staples’ “War Ready,” the Beastie Boys’ “Root Down,” and Lauryn Hill’s sweet sweet “Doo Wop (That Thing)” .

In recent years Yorke’s not only seemed to chill the hell out, but he’s consistently delivered gut wrenchingly beautiful tunes, largely ensuing my belief in this mix’s deliverance.

Following its resurfacing, in my ever so typical read-all-the-music-news-you-possibly-can-morning-routine, I came upon this mix the following Monday morning. Hands down, made my day. And what did my dumb ass do next?

I listened to it right away.

Despite the fact that I was drinking a goddamn cup of cold brew coffee I nearly fell back asleep at my kitchen table. I knew then, I needed to save this mix for a more appropriate time.

*Three days passed.*

In the tumultuous turmoil that is life here in the United States sometimes we all just need to chill.

So, I decided to do just that, and gave the mix another go.

And what happened?

Exactly what you would expect. I was out in less than ten minutes.

How do I know this? Well because, I’m currently writing the end to this piece, it’s the next morning, and here I am giving the mix yet another go.

And it’s eerily beautiful.

Listening is a lot like being suddenly transported to the “Stranger Things” Void, but all’s quiet and quite pleasant. I shook the musical genuis’ hand, and we vibed out to the mix.

Stranger Things Void

But really, Yorke created a charming culmination of hauntingly beautiful tracks including: Charlemagne Palestine and Robert Feldman’s “Electronic and Flute”, Luke Abott’s “Dumb”, James Holden’s “Triangle Folds Inside Out”, Laurie Spiegel’s “The Unquestioned Answer”, and a “Radiohead” tune, a live-solo version of “In Bloom”.

Radiohead’s returning to the U.S. in a wide array of headlining appearances and shows here soon in the Spring. If this mix is any deterrent of how Yorke winds down, it looks like a few nights of good sleep before touring won’t be a problem.

“I spend a lot of time listening and writing music while half-asleep, music that evolves quietly and slowly like the weather, like nature. Machinery bending time—I love that shit. If you’re still awake by the end of it, I’ve done something wrong. Night night. Lights out.” -Yorke told Pitchfork

Try it out for yourself.




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