[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Blinkie On Making The Next Big Banger “Don’t Give Up”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Blinkie On Making The Next Big Banger “Don’t Give Up”

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Blinkie On Making The Next Big Banger “Don’t Give Up”



After debuting his latest single “Don’t Give Up” to critical acclaim on BBC Radio 1, we grabbed UK based house producer Blinkie for a quick chat, as we were blown away by the bouncy, throwback house beat and soaring vocals. You might not have heard of Blinkie yet, but trust us, you will. Check our our interview with him below.

Where does the name Blinkie come from?

It’s a funny story and one my friends have clearly not forgotten! I got chased by a dog when I was younger, and we all realised just how quick on my feet I really am! The name kind of stuck from then.
You’re from London. Does the city influence your sound in anyway?

Living in London definitely influences my sound. There are so many cultures in London, so many different styles of music. You can turn a street in London and be faced with something very different to where you were 5 minutes ago. I love that. I love how expressive and creative people in London are. 

What are the fans like over there?

British fans are very supportive and very honest. They get involved and attempt to contribute to your growth, whether that’s with an honest critique or a connection to more like-minded people.

How long did “Don’t Give Up” (On Love) take to write?

It actually didn’t take very long to produce this single, because Alahna and I were chilling and making music because we wanted to, for the fun of it. The production took an hour or two, and the song was written at the same time.
Do you prefer DJing or producing?
Expression through music is really important to me, so I’d have to say production. I love working with a blank canvas and allowing everything I think and feel at that moment to bleed through the speakers. It’s an incredible therapy.

What 3 tunes are you particularly feeling right now?

I’m loving Calvin Harris “How Deep Is Your Love”, Pep & Dash “Roses”, Labrinth’s “Jealous” & The Weeked’s “Can’t Feel My Face”. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Working, working & more working! I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Releasing this single and hearing everyone’s reactions has just inspired me to continue to create. 

You can buy Blinkie’s new track here. 


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