Take The ‘Time’ To Listen To Justin Jay’s Catchy New Track

Take The ‘Time’ To Listen To Justin Jay’s Catchy New Track

Take The ‘Time’ To Listen To Justin Jay’s Catchy New Track


Last year Justin Jay and a group of talented friends set off on a musical voyage that would put many smiles on many faces.

Today Justin, guitarist Benny Bridges, and drummer Henry Was put out their latest single, “Time.” With Justin on the vocals, this release and the past two tracks he’s put out (“Stuck Inside My Head” and “Can’t Hang’) introduce us to a new, intimate JJ style that all music lovers should take a listen to.

“The time, where did it go?”

These lyrics are so simple, but really hit home as lately I’ve been accepting the fact that time doesn’t slow down for anybody. The catchy guitar riff has me grooving in my seat and reminiscing on lost memories. The more personal approach Justin has taken with his latest work really makes me happy. To me, the sounds of the Fantastic Voyage symbolize friendship and unity— two of the most important things in life.

Rather than branding himself as just another house artist, Justin has been incorporating his friends’ guitar, drum, vocal and sometimes even saxophone skills into most of his recent music. With this he’s changed the game of production, widened the horizons of possibilities artists can take and proved himself to be a cool and multifaceted dude.

When it’s all put together, Justin Jay and the Fantastic Voyage’s overall project is nothing short of genius. Each person who has been featured on a track has had a platform to share their euphonic skills in probably the most fun collaboration to date. In their live performances, these guys’ passion for music shines through the good time they clearly have on stage. The variety of instruments makes every track of theirs genuinely unique; you can always expect a melodious whirl of house, funk, indie rock and lyrics you can resonate with.

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