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[LIVE EVENT COVERAGE] Summer Camp 2K16 Day Two


The first night of Summer Camp was a wild success. The weather was more than ideal and the energy of campers everywhere was palpable. Positive Vibr8ions did a fabulous job bringing the fest to a warm familiar bass filled place. Above you will see some exclusive footage I was able to capture on stage with them. The video showcases their technical expertise both in the studio and on the stage. Louis The Child’s set in The Red Barn gave campers a much needed dose of that unique future sound only they are able to deliver. With their signature uplifting vocals, Louis The Child is able to captivate the hearts of every audience they play for. After leaving The Red Barn our crew stopped back in The Vibe Tent for Break Science and Manic Focus to end our night, both put on an excellent show, as expected.


All in all the Summer Camp seems like it is off to a great start but today does seem like it will rain and the wind has already picked up to potential tent launching speeds. The crowd is much younger this year as well. I didn’t the same amount of elderly hippies as I have in previous years. Hopefully all the children keep on their best behavior as the weekend ensues. I will be reporting everyday of the fest so stay tuned as Summer Camp 2016 continues to develop.


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