[MUSIC FROM MMW] Michael Brun – Rained Out Mix

[MUSIC FROM MMW] Michael Brun – Rained Out Mix

[MUSIC FROM MMW] Michael Brun – Rained Out Mix


17304_10152908838777739_5537742838834458703_nPhoto Courtesy of Ultra Music Festival and Rudgr.com

Miami Music Week is the time you’re going to hear every new song that’s going to get premiered and engrained into your brain over the summer months. This week is full of pool parties hosted by the biggest and the best, artist and label showcases and of course we round up the week with one of the biggest North American music festivals, Ultra.

Whether it’s a stage at Ultra or your label’s showcase party, as an artist you take this opportunity to play all your new music and really take the time to select and choose what you want your fans to hear. Unfortunately for Michael Brun, his Ultra set was cut short after 20 minutes due to the heavy rain. That’s the downfall of these tropical locations, tropical downpour and hurricane conditions.

Lucky for us, Michael took the time to upload the music he was planning on playing for us to his Sound Cloud and called it appropriately, his “Rained Out Mix.” Tons of ID’s in this mix with that hard hitting Michael Brun sound we’ve grown to know and love. The rain can’t stop this Kid Coconut founder, and being graced with this mix gives those fans who weren’t able to attend Ultra a chance to hear it in it’s entirety.

Michael took a moment to tell me some of his thoughts on Miami music week.

“Miami has such a great sunny vibe which makes everyone want to stay outside and hang around. I think the weather gets people in the party mood. That being said my favourite moment this week was playing at Ultra through the hurricane weather until it got shut down! Everyone stuck around until the end which was amazing.”


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