[NEWS] Jaden Smith Accused Of Ripping Off Rising Stars Louis The Child

[NEWS] Jaden Smith Accused Of Ripping Off Rising Stars Louis The Child

[NEWS] Jaden Smith Accused Of Ripping Off Rising Stars Louis The Child


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UPDATE: Since the publishing of this article, the song description has been updated to give credit to Louis The Child.

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It seems that there’s been an abundance of stories as of late of artists copying, posting, and ripping off the ‘little guy’ – impinging copyright and stealing intellectual property with a sense of flagrant disregard for the actual owner. Today, another story has emerged accusing Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, of ripping off a beat from up and coming future bass duo Louis The Child.

I wouldn’t normally write about these types of stories, however, I have been battling copyright infringement from certain artists myself recently, and the fact that Louis The Child are close friends of The Sights and Sounds makes this story hit close to home. Produced by The Pyrvmids & Daniel D’artiste, Jaden’s track “Moon In My Room”, highlighting his sister Willow Smith, features a beat that is undeniably close to one that is forefront in Louis The Child’s remix of Oh Wonder’s “Body Gold” – albeit slowed and warped.

When we reached out to Joey Papoutsis, manager of Louis The Child, regarding the situation, he told us that they ”were never contacted by Jaden and Willow Smith’s team about using the song for their album.”

Louis The Child remixed “Body Gold” close to 3 months ago, and while it was not an official remix they were given permission to do so via Oh Wonder’s management. Check out both tracks back to back below and judge for yourself: did Jaden Smith and co. steal this beat?

Jaden Smith – Moon In My Room Ft. Willow Smith

Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)


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