[WEEKLY] Sunday Spotlights: Week 6

[WEEKLY] Sunday Spotlights: Week 6

[WEEKLY] Sunday Spotlights: Week 6



This week’s spotlights find us traversing the increasingly nonexistent boundary between indie and mainstream. I know, I know, hipsters’ heads are already starting to explode. The point of this week’s spotlights isn’t to claim that mainstream is increasingly great—oh, far from it. The point of music bloggers is to cull through all the shit out there to find you a few gems.

So rest ye weary heads, hipsters, and realize this set of Spotlights is actually just for you. We’re taking over radio this week and mashing/remixing/covering music for the masses to our liking.

After all, a track is only mainstream by how it handles its arrangement. That point is proven handily in our first three tracks: Maor Levi’s take on the Killer’s Miss Atomic Bomb, Solidisco’s delectable re-imagining of the ubiquitous but formerly obnoxious “Locked out of Heaven” and Com Truise‘s twisted re-imagining of Maroon 5. Some of the rest of the covers and mashups are the kind of breathtaking brilliance that cut through all your preconceptions of a track.

These are only a few of the many gems out there, and most of them were released this week. For others, I want to thank my friend Confusionists on Soundcloud and fellow music/weirdo Mario Martinez for their contributions to this list.

Countries Featured:
4; Israel, USA, Britain, Australia

Become a Indie Music Trivia Nerd:

  • The Killers track was released almost a year ago, but this week its been getting a ton of interest from the EDM community with Felix Cartel and Project 46 all releasing tracks recently. Remix EP in the works?
  • Solidisco actually rose to fame through their viral hit remix of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” last year.
  • Com Truise has a history of taking mainstream tracks in a whole other level, see the genius that is his take on Foster the People’s Helena Beat for proof.
  • Capital Cities actually formed as a result of a Craigslist ad. Their cover is from Sinead O’Connor of all places, who I believe covered it from Prince side project “The Family”.
  • Beat Connection used to live right next to me in the U-Dist of Seattle, and they were wondrous neighbors to have.  Quiet as musicians could ever be.
  • Both the Dirty Projectors cover and The Neighbourhood’s mashup were done live on radio shows (on Triple J in Australia and BBC Radio 1 respectively).
  • Recognize the source of the last track? That’s The Cars’ seminal 1984 hit off their third album.

Artists Offering their Track for Free Download:

4; Solidisco, Maor Levi, Cave Painting, Capital Cities



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