Spend “Another Night” Listening To NYC’s Next Breakthrough Band

Spend “Another Night” Listening To NYC’s Next Breakthrough Band

Spend “Another Night” Listening To NYC’s Next Breakthrough Band


Another Night, another deep end of thoughts about you.

Even when you’re not here I can still feel your breathe next to me.

But the thing is, I can’t spend Another Night thinking about you. I could leave it all behind, but chasing you is not worth what I am running away from.

How did you root so deeply in my brain? Why am I still even thinking of you?

Shit. Fuck. Even when you’re gone, I’m never alone.

Yet here I am still running through all the good and bad times. Do I even know you anymore or am I fighting to hold on to a ghost?

As if “Another Night” could match my dichotomous reeling about you, Home State’s 3rd single is a gritty, introspective battle peppered with spaces of beauty and gossamer silhouettes.

Like looking back on a dream that you can’t fully remember, bits and pieces come through, some good and some not so much. Like our memories of past relationships, it’s a push and pull of all the feels.

Stream Home State – “Another Night” below:

With sounds reminiscent of early Imagine Dragons or Awolnation, Home State is one of the best new bands you haven’t heard of yet. Get ready to, though.

Hailing from New York City, Home State is a pop-rock band comprised of David Berliner (percussion), Alex Friedlander (vocals), Matt Gralla (guitar, keys), and Jordan Glaser (bass, guitar, keys).

David Berliner, Alex Friedlander and Matt Gralla met at the University of Pennsylvania and played in the same music scene before moving to NYC. The stars aligned one fateful summer day in 2015, and the three teamed up to form Home State and pursue their shared passion more seriously, with long-time friend Jordan Glaser joined to solidify the band in 2017.

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