Escape Into Summertime With Diji Parq’s “New Shirt”

Escape Into Summertime With Diji Parq’s “New Shirt”

Escape Into Summertime With Diji Parq’s “New Shirt”


Diji Parq’s “New Shirt” Will Make You Want To Bust Out Those New Threads

Los Angeles-based producer-songwriters Diji Parq (Ryon Baharloo, John Monds) recently released their newest hip-pop track, “New Shirt,” and it feels just like sweet summertime.

Produced by Mike O., the synthy tune sounds like pop rocks, dancing on your tongue and speaking to the simpler pleasures in life. The video game-like indietronica sample beat immediately feels welcoming and catchy, setting the stage for the playful vocals to come.

The track starts off with the ever-relatable, “Woke up in the morning and it’s hotter than a sauna, and the AC broke in my little ass apartment.” After a brief lament that could easily be missed if not listened to carefully, the vocalist states optimistically, “But it could always be worse. At least I make it look good.”

After a chorus, repeating, “everything will be alright in a brand new shirt,” the track hits an even funnier note with the grin-inducing line, “some people say they happiest on they birthday, I say I’m happiest when it’s a new shirt day.”


This sentiment continues for the remainder of the song, reminding listeners that yes, bills may not be paid, and life may get a little crazy at times, but it will be okay. Like a modern hip hop/pop version of “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” the song is catchy and oozes positivity.

Everyone loves a new shirt. Maybe it’s crisp and clean, or soft and warm. Or maybe it’s not even about the texture at all, but rather the pattern, or label. Whatever the reason, Diji Parq’s “New Shirt” covers everyday struggles with a light brush, but focuses more on the uncomplicated elements of like, in a silly, almost child-like manner.

“New Shirt” is a refreshing journey to a warm, “walking down the street on a sunny day” montage – where ice cream is handed out freely, and smiles are a-plenty. It’s an excellent escape from the stress and a gentle, friendly reminder to just loosen up – while rocking that new shirt, of course.

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Cover Photo Credit: Phil Yonker


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