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Little Quirks Meet Their Edgier Folk Rock Selves In New Video


Aren’t we all searching for our true selves in one way or another?

Through searching and self-discovery, all female troupe, Little Quirks, unwinds both sides of their inner beauty.

We could all use a little soul searching as we move into the New Year. Isn’t that what the New Year’s all about, anyway?

After all, searching, looking, curiousity, isn’t that what led us to the moon? Isn’t that what takes the psychonauts to the outer-inner space of their minds?

Barring the extreme spectrum I just laid down, it’s my belief that everyone is searching for something, and sometimes (read: often times) the best place to find that ‘thing’ is within yourself.

One thing I can promise, if you dig deep enough, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Little Quirks’ can attest.

The second single from their new EP ‘Where We Hide’, “Unwinding” is about the groups’ two sides. The folksy, nice side of themselves searching and meeting their edgier, musical side.

What side of you do you think you’ll find?

Stream Little Quirks – “Unwinding” below:

As a bonus, here’s their cover of The Cranberries’ “Dream” – and it’s amazing.

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