[PREMIERE] DRAMA Digs Deep With ‘Hopes Up’ BAILE Remix

[PREMIERE] DRAMA Digs Deep With ‘Hopes Up’ BAILE Remix

[PREMIERE] DRAMA Digs Deep With ‘Hopes Up’ BAILE Remix


You’ve stared blankly into empty eyes before, wondering why the words spilling out of his mouth don’t correspond with the way he sits there indifferently…numb.

Passionate in the way that lingering lyrics localize hope above the groundwork of deep, bass-led rhythms. Melancholy in the way they synthesize a connection between a polarity that draws them apart.

Why am I feeling this way? I can hear it now.

“I love you but…”

Sounds one way. Looks another. He says he loves me. He walks away.

Trace this feeling across your chest as you listen to DRAMA DUO‘s “Hopes Up” (BAILE Remix).

BAILE’s remix of “Hopes Up” is the like the boy who’s actions don’t match his words, but it stays true to what the title implies. It brings your hopes up. Listen here exclusively until the release of Gallows Remix EP on January 16th.

“Na’el and I came together to create Gallows as our last letters to the loves we thought we couldn’t live without.” – Via Rosa

The musical collaboration of Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa, otherwise known as DRAMA, reconciles the sinister and promising story behind sound. Following the release of their ‘Gallows‘ EP in November 2016, the Chicago-based duo established themselves as acclaimed artists with their widespread popularity and attention on the release. Their EP is receiving a full makeover with remixes of various originals, including this deep house rework of “Hopes Up’ by BAILE.

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